I love to collect and play with paper, especially making 3D items. I also love to collect fabric! I think I have a problem!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


The NEW YEARS EVE KIT is loaded with goodies! The 3D Champagne Bottle can hold LED tealights or fill it with treats! Give a gift in the Cityscape Gift Bag or Tuxedo Gift Bag. The 12 x 12 Scrapbook Page is perfect for your New Year's Eve photos. Why not use the Silly Photo Props while taking pictures! Don't forget the Top Hat Party Hat! The Hat can also become a box!
 Not just for New Year's! How about a wedding-theme!  Perfection, again!!!
This kit is going to be tons of fun to play with!  Awesome job, Mary!  And great photo shooting, Leo!
Remember, be safe.  Drink responsibly, if you drink.  Here are a few tips:
--Never drink and drive, we all know this!  We aren't stupid, right!  Okay!
--Know your limit, please!
--Sip your drink!  You want to enjoy your evening, right!!!
--Eat while you drink!  A high protein food, such as cheese and nuts help to slow alcohol absorption into your circulatory system.
--If you take medication or on over the counter meds, please keep this in mind while drinking.
--Always appoint a designated driver!
--You can have othe non-alcohol beverages.  It's okay.  You won't be judged upon!
--And don't judge others who do not want to drink and don't try to force them to drink!  Some people just aren't drinkers!  Like me!  I can have fun, naturally!  I don't need alchohol to get me high!!!, but I don't judge those who love to drink!  More power to you!  Alcohol doesn't like me!!!  haha!
--Remember, it's about having fun!  Thank your hostess for a great party!  Let her know you returned home safely with a phone call and another thank you for a great night!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Need a card for a winter occasion?  Well, this kit is perfect for you!  There's a gift card, birthday card,
thank you card, photo card, just say hello card.  Look at the cute snowman or the snow globe shaker card.  And don't just think winter, adapt the cards for any holiday or any season throughout the year!  Always have a card you can make at the last minute with this EVERYDAY WINTER CARDS KIT!

See ya next time, hugs, Debra

Friday, December 14, 2012


SANTA'S HELPFUL ELF KIT is so whimsical! Look at the 3D ELF, adorable! The 3D ELF SHOE is a fantastic holiday decor for your home! The ELF FACE BUCKET has that vintage look, so cute! The tree box is beautiful and can be used in so many ways. The ELF CARD is a great companion with the SHADOWBOX FRAME when you give it as a gift! Plus, the frame can be adapted to any theme, not just Christmas! Super easy, super fun!
Mary was inspired by Elves she's been seeing in antique shops and the stories of others doing ELF ON A SHELF.  How great is it to create something so fatastic from an inspiration such as this. 
Do you do ELF ON A SHELF?  Here's a little poem about what the little guy stands for:

Thanks for stopping in.  Have a wonderful day and remember, Santa knows all and see's all!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Keepsake boxes, adorable!
Create each building which sits on top a keepsake box  or create an entire mini village! Give them as gifits or display with your Christmas decor. The Santa Hat Boxi, 5.5" tall, adorable and the Stocking Box is also 5.5" tall which can be hung  on your tree.   Look at the possibilities for using these cute boxes for other seasons or holidays, the Church Box, which stands 7.3" tall, for example, whould be great for a wedding favor or a gift box!  And all the buildings come with a bottom to become a stand-alone piece, (without the keepsake box).  The finished Barn Box 5.8" tall and the House Box, 6" tall.
Make sure to stop by http://www.svgcuts.com/
and check out the new kit free till Dec., 6th, 2012,
with the purchase of $9.98 or more!
Thanks for stopping by!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Mr. Penguin was fast asleep when a whistling wind rattled the windows.
A sleepy Mr. Penguin stumbled outside and to his surprise, he found his Christmas
tree covered with beautiful snowflakes, his most favorite thing in the world!
Mary's svg files can be used in so many ways! Her wonderful
talent lets people like you and I have fun to just craft and play!
Thanks, Mary, for all your hard work and making it so easy for us!

I used the snowman box from CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE KIT imported
as is.  Make the box 6 panels black, and 2 panels white (this is the front). 
   Put the box together as Mary suggests, except when you get to the upper panels,
do not put on 2 of the black panels, one on each side of the whites.  Do not put on
the bottom, yet.  From CHRISTMAS CUDDLY FRIENDS, use the black.svg
in the penguin folder.  In the appearance box of your program,
(I use Ecal), I changed the svg to a  shadow at 2.0, made it thicker. 
You can judge what you would like.  Enlarge the piece to W 4.045 x H 4.746
(It looks large, but it will fit, trust me!!!) 
I clipped the wings at the top 1/4 inch in from the outside into the point, (the
point is what you see at the neck, like a heart shape stops there).
Fold the two bottom pieces at the points (of the heart shaped top) and place into the
neck of the penguin.  (Mine were placed about 1/2 inch in from the black edge and glued
onto the upper white panels and part of the black panels.)  Put glue on the fold and up about
1/4 inch just  above the piece to hold in place on each side.  After it dries, and you need
to let it dry to do this next step, gently flip the upper piece towards you so you can get to the
inside edge to put glue all around, just gluing the edge.  Let this dry before you go
to the next step.  You won't think the piece is going to lay down, but it will, next take
a pair of sharp tipped scissors and clip the upper outer edge sides.  I clipped every
1/8 inch or so and not quite a 1/4 inch in. I tried to eye it and stay within the black
area where I knew the piece would be glued to. This will get covered with the two 
panels you have left over.  Just snip the sides up till you can start pressing down and
feel it start to lay down flat.  Make sure you don't snip too far up the top.  Start at the
neck and glue the snips down.  Use a toothpick to help put the glue underneath if your
bottle is too big.  Work up, do the other side and it should lay flat for you.  The snips
will lay on each other, sort of like gathered lace!  Now you can place the black panels
in place to cover up the snips.   Leave the top unglued and let it just lay naturally.  It
will bulge out forming his forehead and you will be covering the very top with a hat
of some sort anyway.  Glue down the bottom two sides, I only put glue along
the front edge, it doesn't lay completely flat.  I gently bent the penguin's wing from
where I clipped it down to the point, as you see in the picture.  Then I clipped up
along the fold about an inch.  You can now put on the bottom piece.   I used the
feet and beak sized as the file is in the folder.  I layered 4 pieces to give it some
strength for each foot.  The beak is 4 pieces layered on the bottom and 2 on the
top, flip one the other direction to make his beak.  The eyes are just layers of circles.  
You can decorate the top of his head any way you like. 
As you see, it's still the top of the box.  I left it like that because I knew
my sock cap was going to cover it just fine.  My cap is a long sock!  So cute!
You can use anything stretchy and shaped like a tube to make your own cap!
The tree is a free PARTY HAT from SVGCuts and you can get it here:
And while you're there, check out all the other wonderful free designs, I think, if I
remember, there is around 250!  That's a lot of great files, FOR FREE!  How
generous is that!  Okay, anyhoo, I kept the tree simple because I love the color
green and I wanted the green paper in the background to show through.  The five
snowflakes are about an inch, yes I said an inch only!  Aren't they marvelous!
They are the SNOWFLAKES COLLECTION.   The ferns are from the #1.svg
in the "Extras" folder of 3D WINTERGREENS sized at W-10.700 x H-1.181 
I just started not quite 3/4" from the bottom and started gluing all the pieces.
I placed a mark every 3"  along my line to help guide me.  After gluing the first
round of green, I marked from that edge and did the same thing again, and again.
As you can see, it overlaps a little.  You can overlap it as much as you want.
I did curl my ends before gluing on.  I also used a hot glue gun, just because
it would have taken forever for me to glue all these waiting for them to dry
in between each gluing time.  But, I sure did have tons of spider webs!!!
Just use your hair dryer or embossing gun to blow them away!  You will have
to piece the green pieces together the first few rows. 
Okay, that's it!  Just decorate however you like, top it off and
Merry Christmas
from my little craft world to yours!!!
Lots of hugs to my Facebook family!
Hugs to all, Debra

Friday, November 23, 2012


"The best of all gifts around any Christmas
tree: the presence of a happy family all
wrapped up in each other."~Burton Hillis
This kit is so wonderful!  The card on the right is just beautiful
and can be adapted to many occasions.  The luminary bag on the
right is fast and easy to make, and looks so pretty when put together.
The vase/pitcher holding the amaryllis is amazing.  Mary has created
the flowers to look so real, just gorgeous!  And last, the family tree
shadowbox, how pretty is this!  The whole kit is just a must have!
Look at all the beautiful gifts you can create for your family and friends!
Enjoy crafting as you listen to Christmas music!  Could it get any better!!
By for now!  Merry Christmas!


And this little guy is the one I "shiver" for! hehe!!!
Isn't he adorable!  From the CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE KIT,
Mary designed this adorable snowman box!  His hat comes off
and you can place candy or a special gift inside!
The scarf and hat ribbon is burlap!  Isn't that burlap just wonderful!
I found this and a green one several years ago and bought 3 yards of each.
I have never used it till now, mainly because I never wanted to cut it!
I love burlap and just want to keep it and look at it!
Gosh, I'm such a hoarder!!!
The bow on the hat is made from the burlap string I unraveled from
the burlap to give the scarf it's stringy edges.  Then I added a gorgeous
Flair Button made by Tamara at http://paperplaystudio.bigcartel.com/ 
The rosette on the scarf I crocheted, also using burlap string.
A little craft wire twisted together for the arms and that's it!
Oh, I can't forget the beautiful paper I used from
Echo Park This & That Christmas Paper Pack #1 by Lori Whitlock--
a digital scrapbook paper download I bought from http://www.jessicasprague.com/
But beware!!!  Once you start, you just can't buy one!!!
Well, thanks for dropping by!  And food for thought, (lol)--
A chubby little snowman
had a carrot nose.
Along came a bunny,
and what do you suppose?

That hungry little bunny,
looking for some lunch,
Grabbed that snowman's nose,
Nibble, nibble, crunch!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Christmas Tree for my Kitchen!
I turned it into a 3D tree!  
The tree is planted in a mixing bowl made from the 3D acorn
Sugar cookies, kitchen utensils, and gingerbread men adorn this
Christmas tree that will sit on my kitchen counter!
All files, as always, are from http://svgcuts.com/
The file I used is tree_bottom.svg. 
 I cut 6 of these in white resized at W 8.26 x H 11.056
I cut 6 in green resized at W 8.415 x H 11.228
(the green pieces I just changed the style to Shadow [rounded] 1.50)
Start gluing the pieces together branches to branches, forming a circle. 
Only glue the branches.  Let completely dry before you continue on, or you
will mess up the next step.  Once  they are all dry and glued in a circle, you
have a tree!!!  To support the tree, I took an 8 x 11 piece of paper, rolled it
into a tight tube and placed into the center of my tree.  Once released, it springs
open and your tree will become very strong.  That is why you have to let
the branches dry before doing this step.  Now just play and decorate. 
I left the piece expand on top.  And curled my pieces, as you see on the top. 
You can put a shorter tube inside if you don't want it to show.
You do what you like.  This is just what I did.  Place the tree in your
bowl and secure however you like, I used aquarium rocks in a plastic
bag dumped around my tree, then placed in the bowl and glued down.
It weighs it down really well.  Place poly stuffing on top for snow, and that's it!
You can gently offset the center branches from the top and bottom branches
by bending.
The mixing bowl is acutally the 3D acorn from the
ACORN AUTUMN KIT.  I just added 2 extra panels to make it rounder. 
I resized one of the pieces you would use to make the bottom
part of the acorn at W 1.734 x H 3.733.  You glue together just as
you would the acorn, but do not worry about gluing the tip.  Once the
whole piece is glued together, the tips just lay there on each other
and you will cut a circle to fit the open on the bottom.  Then cut a length
of paper to go around the top for the lip of the bowl.  Glue 3 pieces together
for depth.  Bend these as you glue so they start holding a circular shape. 
I wrapped mine around a jar to dry.  If I have confused any newbies
 about this, watch Mary's video for the HIPPITY HOPPITY KIT here:
http://tinyurl.com/brqloxx    at svgcuts.com
When she is making the basket handle, she explains how to bend while gluing
several pieces together. My bowl was made with a heavy craft cardstock, then 
I inked the whole think with Tim Holtz Brick Red Ink. You can make it and use
 the extra panels to cover it,just like in the acorn, and give it some crazy designs,
but you will have to resize your own panels!
My ornaments are from
I just love the string of gingerbread men, the rolling pin,
and the wooden mixing spoon!  And the knife, fork, and
spoon are so detailed and so tiny, but cut out just perfect
on the Eclips!  And the sugar cookies are just too cute!
There are many others, you just don't see them!!!!
And my favorite of all, the cardinal bird chef!
Isn't he just adorable!!!! 
 The christmas topper is the snowflaker from
Thanks for dropping by!  Hope you enjoyed my project!
The tree, itself is 11 inches tall.  In the bowl surrounded by whatever you weigh it down with, it raised mine up to 12.5 inches tall without the topper.
Wooden spoon               W 2.000 x H 0.439
Spoon, fork, & knife      W 2.409 x H 1.24
Rolling pin                      W 2.500 x H 0.341
Gingerbread  garland is  W 7.250 x H 1.352 
All the other ornaments are on the average between 1.0 & 1.5 inches.  Just size down to your liking! 
I cut 2 pieces of white, just the base for layering in the middle then 2 sets of the colored pieces, one for each side, so they look the same no matter where you look at the tree.  
I hope these help.  If I missed anything, just let me know!!  Hugs to all, Debra

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra - Marshmallow World

Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra preforming
Marshmallow World.

I love the way television variety shows back when could be so free
and just enjoy what they do.  Where else can two men enjoy singing
together without feeling like they were being watched and critiqued.
These guys were so fun to watch years ago!  How I miss this type
of entertainment!!!!


Ahh, how wonderful is this kit!!!!
The cute little snowman has a removable hat to reveal a container for Christmas treats or gifts!
Share your special recipes in this new recipe box which you handmade!
One of the most popular gifts people give is cookies in a jar!  Dress the jar with a homemade
label and recipe tag.  So cute!  The box in the middle is great for treats or a gift and also comes
with an optional window for the lid!  And finally, look at Santa, patiently waiting for his
introduction, in the background.  Mary did a beautiful job on this vintage-inspired Santa!
Stop by Svgcuts and check out this latest kit:

These recipe boxes are so fun to make and quick! 
I made one for me and the penguin box is for my daughter, Meggie!
Think of all the other possibilities you can use this file for! 
 A great writer, Donald E. Westlake, once quoted--"As we struggle with shopping lists and invitations, compounded by December's bad weather, it is good to be reminded that there are people in our lives who are worth this aggravation, and people to whom we are worth the same."
So please be kind and treat others the way you want to be treated while out shopping this year!  Don't let the anger of the crowds take away your Christmas spirit!  And on that note, remember,
IT'S A MARSHMALLOW WORLD OUT THERE, if you make it one! 


Sunday, November 4, 2012


Aren't they adorable!
28 characters plus a barn!
Use to decorate any fall or Thanksgiving project.
Here's a project I did using the cute little turkey!
A wall or door hanging to use for Thanksgiving!
Looks like little Miss Turkey has gotten tangled up in a sign
and I don't think she likes it!!!!
I used my sewing machine and sewed around the edge of the red
paper and the green strips are sewn down the middle.
I kept the whole project simple, since the cuties are just that,
so darn cute!!!  I didn't want to over embellish!
Thanks for dropping by!!

Friday, November 2, 2012


I made the traditional one like Mary's for me!
The girl is for my daughter!

I kept the male basically the same because I love Mary's nutcracker so much!
The girl, I added gathered ribbon with tulle underneath instead of the belt. I
used tulle to cover her body and made rosettes which I placed on her chest
and a large one on her back. Gathered tulle for ruffles on her shoulders.
Used the snowflake rosette svg from the icy snowflake ornament in the
CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS KIT to put on her hat! Thought it looked
like a crown. Used more lace trim around the top of her boots. I like the
white trim on the white boots!
The eyes in the kit are on the man. The eyes I used on the girl are from Brigit
She took this tutorial if you want to learn how to make your own:
Thanks for looking, and to all on the east coast,
God bless you and keep you safe and out of Sandy's way.
My prayers are with you.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Look at the new kit!
Yes, it is Christmas time for us!  Yay!!
Look at this gorgeous NUTCRACKER!
YES, he is made out of paper!  I promise!
BALLET SHOES are so adorable!  So many possibilities!
And look at those two cards!  How cute are they!
And, as always, Mary designs the perfect layout!
We can always use a new layout, am I right!
Well, of course I am!
This set is just to die for!  Just superb in every way!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


As you can see, the Spooky Cuties Devil has turned on the cuties
and captured them!  Along the way, he and his spider brigade are
rounding up his arch enemy, the skeletons!
Oh, my, what will the cuties do?  Hanging on for dear life
to the front of the train is the spooky cutie skeleton hiding!
Can he be the hero and save all his friends before the Devil
reaches his destiny and destroys them? 


What will become of the cuties!
Thanks for dropping by!
And make sure you drop by
I entered my train and you can enter, you guessed it,
any thing but a card!  How cool is that!
Drop by and check out the sponsor and take a look at
the design team projects!  Awesome!  And look at the
wonderful entries!  Great ideas shared!
Have a spooktacular halloween!!
Hugs, Debra

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


You'll be rockin' around the Christmas tree as you decorate
with these beautiful handmade ornaments designed by Mary.
Two intricate snowflake ornaments are perfect for the tree!
And can also be used to embellish a gift bag or box!
The partridge in the birdcage is adorable!  Come spring,
look at all the possibilities of other creations!
The tree is just the cutest!  It also has an extra file
if you want to turn it into a box to hold treats!
And last, but surely not least, the spindle ornament!
A twist on the vintage ornaments from the past. This
detailed and complicated looking ornament is wonderful,
but guess what, it goes together pretty quick and is
so easy to make!  You have to try these!  They are just
what you need, if nothing else, for your holiday crafting.
Have fun and .............take some time to rock!

Rocking around the Christmas Tree at the Christmas party hop
Mistletoe hung where you can see Ev'ry couple tries to stop

Rocking around the Christmas Tree Let the Christmas Spirit ring
Later we'll have some pumpkin pie and we'll do some caroling

You will get a sentimental feeling When you hear voices singing
"Let's be jolly; Deck the halls with boughs of holly"
Rocking around the Christmas Tree Have a happy holiday
Everyone's dancing merrily In a new old fashioned way

Rocking around the Christmas Tree Let the Christmas Spirit ring
Later we'll have some pumpkin pie and we'll do some caroling

You will get a sentimental feeling When you hear voices singing
"Let's be jolly; Deck the halls with boughs of holly"

Rocking around the Christmas Tree Have a happy holiday
Everyone's dancing merrily In a new old fashioned way

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Get in the Thanksgiving holiday spirit with this wonderful new kit
creating these cute projects to give as gifts or decorate your table or home!
The CORNUCOPIA is 6" long!  Make a CARD for a loved one.   Check out that
PILGRIM HAT, it's a box!  And Isn't the TURKEY the cutest!  Fill with candy!
And last, the HOUSE is a place card holder which holds an electronic LED
tealight.  So cute.  Check it out:   http://www.svgcuts.com/
  Be creative as  Brigit did at Brigits Scraps.  She turned it into
a Christmas ornament!  Check it out here: 

Thanksgiving Magic

by Rowena Bastin Bennett

Thanksgiving Day I like to see
Our cook perform her witchery.
She turns a pumpkin into pie
As easily as you or I
Can wave a hand or wink an eye.
She takes leftover bread and muffin
And changes them to turkey stuffin’.
She changes cranberries to sauce
And meats to stews and stews to broths;
And when she mixes gingerbread
It turns into a man instead
With frosting collar ’round his throat
And raisin buttons down his coat.
Oh, some like magic made by wands,
And some read magic out of books,
And some like fairy spells and charms
But I like magic made by cooks!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Enter if you dare!
Does anybody remember those skeletons that would move at their joints?
Well, I do!  And I loved them when I was a kid!
I used the skeleton body from SPOOKY SILHOUETTES COLLECTION
and a pumkin for the head from MIDNIGHT JAMBOREE KIT
from http://svgcuts.com/ to make
my version of a jointed skeleton!
He's 36" tall x 24" wide posed this way!  He is posable and has
a permanent home, for now, on my front door!
Here's a closeup of his face and a few bones!
When I broke apart the skeleton in ECAL program, I made sure
I stacked all the pieces on top of each other, keeping my eye
on the largest piece.  As I enlarged, I made sure the largest
piece fit into the boundary of the cutting mat, leaving room
knowing I will be making another larger layer of the bones,
plus a shadow piece. 
I used Tim Holtz inks for all my inking.
The Dead Zone sign is actually a styrofoam sign from the
Dollar Store and was grey in color.  I used my Tim Holtz inks,
 Salty Ocean Blue, Festive Berries Red and white, to get the look
I wanted. I was surprised how well the styrofoam took to the ink.
Mr. Skeleton has been entered in Challenge #3 over at
They have a wonderful bunch on their design team!
And give us all a chance to win fantastic prizes!
Three's a charm, they say,
Unity Stamp Co. http://tinyurl.com/9dl6awq,
is sponsoring this time around!  Awesome!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree,
Much pleasure thou can'st give me!
And to you and your family!
What a beautiful kit Mary created!

Look at all the wonderful things you can do with these
amazing trees!  What fun you can have with your family!
Fill with candy or small gifts for all to enjoy!
Or maybe create a whole different theme!
Hmmmm, thinking here!  What can I make!!
Drop back by, you just never know!!

Speaking of creating from a Christmas kit for a different theme,  here's a
 I made using the 3D Star from Spirits of Christmas Past!

Thanks for dropping by!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Ghostess with the Mostess" design challenge!

I love this ghost!!!
is having a
Fa-BOO-Lous Halloween Inspiration week!
Ghostess with the Mostess design challenge!
I was inspired to turned the svg into a plush ghost!  It's 19"tall and 14"wide
One of the sponsors helping out is Michelle from
who graciously donated the really cute freebie ghost svg! 
I enlarged the main body part full size to fit in my 12 x 12 mat and
the other pieces to match. I then used those pieces as a pattern and laid down
on double layers of plush white felt.   (You need two pieces of each pattern).   
Put a few pins to hold down the pattern, sew around the edge, leaving a small
opening for turning, then cut all around the edges leaving 1/8 inch.  Plush felt
will turn easy, so I did not have to clip any seams on the curves, but if you
make this and use a different type of material such as muslin, you will want to
leave a 1/4 inch seam allowance when you trim and you will have to clip
into the seams around the curves to get a nice clean edge.  Use fiberfil
to stuff and sew the opening closed.  I hot glued everything together, makes it
very sturdy.  You can sew it together, if you prefer.  Make sure you decorate the
head however you want before you stuff and close up.
I hand blanket stitched my eyes on.  The cheeks are made out of Homespun
fabric.  I used a disappearing ink marker and drew around the pattern circle
onto a square piece of Homespun.  I then stitched on top of that line. Use
a small stitch.  It's okay if it puffs up the fabric in the middle. You want that.
Cut any excess fabric down to about 1 inch all around the circle, then start
pulling the threads to fray.  Pull till you reach your stitched circle.  Eventually,
you will have four corners weaved together, just use a needle or pin to break these
apart and spread out.  Once you have every thread frayed, trim all around to 1/2"
from the circle.  Easy peasy!!!  Now it's going to be puffy in the middle from
sewing, that's what you want!  Attach to cheek with a running stitch on top of
sewing stitch.  Just before you get to end, stuff lightly!  And, there you
have it!  Puffy cheeks!  Who doesn't love puffy cheeks!!
Add your embellishments, a mouth, whatever you want!  My mouth is
actually a button covered with black velvet!  Yes, they still have covered
buttons!!!  Okay, I may be showing my age with my supplies on hand!!
The candy is made of paper, of course!  Those are wiggly eyes on the
yellow candy!!  And the ticket "Treats" is an svg from Party on Elm Street Kit
from, you guessed it, http://svgcuts.com/
Thanks for floating in!  Have a Boo-tee-ful Day!!!
A stuffed baby for my daughter!  Even though she's 21,
she still loves her stuffed babies!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Witch Hat from Gimme A Candy Box Kit!

I love this kit!  Quick and easy!
Here's my version of the Witch Hat Box
From Gimme A Candy Box Kit!
The spider paper and the circle is digital paper
called  "Haunted Full Collection"
by Carina Gardner from Jessica Sprague's site. Click below!
After I glued the two pieces for the brim of the hat using just
plain black cardstock, I spritzed water to moisten the fibers then
scratched the surface edges to rough it up and make it curl.  Once
it dried, I inked with brown and black inks giving an aged look.
The picture really doesn't show well, but it looks pretty cool!
The witch is in the Haunted Paper Collection.  I just printed it out,
used a paper punch, and backed it with a rosette.  Looks kind of
like a bottle cap, don't ya think!!
Well, thanks for dropping in, now be a good witch and fly away!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012


The new kit is seven boxes you can fill with
treats and goodies or a special gift!
And once Halloween is over, use your imagination
to use these versatile boxes for any occasion!

The Halloween Candy Poem
Oh, goodness not, it’s Halloween, A grisly, spooky, creepy scene.
Ghosts and goblins everywhere. Enough to make me lose my hair!
Wolves and witches scary faces, Popping out in many places.
Scary ghouls, a whole big bunch, Enough to make me lose my lunch!
Where shall I go? What shall I do? They’re coming after me and you.
We’d better keep some garlic handy,‘Cause I’m not giving up my candy!
                                                                                       Author: Unknown
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Included in this collection is over 20
different elements to adorn a plain box or bag!
Or design a card or layout page filled with cuteness!!!!
We all need these little cuties in our collection!
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I just love the new TOIL AND TROUBLE KIT
Definitely one of my favorites!
Every witch or gypsy has a bottle of love potion so here is my version!
But beware!  It's under lock and key and guarded, as you can see!
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Friday, September 14, 2012


    Fire burn, and caldron bubble. 
  Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the caldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing,—
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
Look what's brewing at svgcuts-apothecaries, witch's shoe,
elegant gatefold card, sweet scrapbook layout!
Such a fantastic halloween kit!
You have to have a peek at this one!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Meg's Colorful Art using Crayola Box

Okay, so, Meg turned 21 yesterday and let me tell you, it is
really hard for me to accept the fact that my baby is 21!
And even getting married in October of 2013!  Oh my!
So, I was reminiscing, looking at all her pre kindergarten
art papers and her early years of school, like kindergarden
and 1st grade and then thought, wouldn't they look cute like
So I starting copying and printing and I had about 100 to do
and ran out of time, only got about 30 done!  But, i gave it
to her, anyway, and will finish the rest to give her.
Here are a few laid out!  I resized the box to fit the ATC size.
She actually remembers some of the pictures!
And everyone loved it!
Hope you do to!
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Just keeping it simple, since the paper was all glittery
 and shiny and added butterflies, so I only added
a strand of glittery beads and a very
simple card with an epoxy butterfly!


This is just the cutest kit!
The 3D ACORN is a box!  Add a treat and give as a gift!
The WATERFALL card is easy to put together, but so elegant looking!
How cute is the OWL basket!
And never be caught without a gift bag, again!
This BAG is 12 x 12!  Can be resized!
And look at that cute squirrel!
All of this can be seen at svgcuts!
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My son is my biggest fan when it comes to my paper crafts!
He is always amazed with some of my creations,
especially when they move, like the ferris wheel!
I made this acorn for him, but had to make it
just a little pretty.
There was a surprise when he took the top off!

Okay, so not your typical acorn colors! But, I like to have fun! 
And my son always makes me laugh! So, I wanted to make him laugh!
He did! Dorky, yes!  And proud of it!!
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