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Friday, December 14, 2012


SANTA'S HELPFUL ELF KIT is so whimsical! Look at the 3D ELF, adorable! The 3D ELF SHOE is a fantastic holiday decor for your home! The ELF FACE BUCKET has that vintage look, so cute! The tree box is beautiful and can be used in so many ways. The ELF CARD is a great companion with the SHADOWBOX FRAME when you give it as a gift! Plus, the frame can be adapted to any theme, not just Christmas! Super easy, super fun!
Mary was inspired by Elves she's been seeing in antique shops and the stories of others doing ELF ON A SHELF.  How great is it to create something so fatastic from an inspiration such as this. 
Do you do ELF ON A SHELF?  Here's a little poem about what the little guy stands for:

Thanks for stopping in.  Have a wonderful day and remember, Santa knows all and see's all!!!

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