I love to collect and play with paper, especially making 3D items. I also love to collect fabric! I think I have a problem!!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Farmhouse Kitchen Svg Kit
Celebrating your love of home and family
Farmhouse Kitchen SVG Kit
I'd have to say for yourself or the cook in your life, you have to check this kit out!
The French Coffee Pot is just divine!  The way Mary can execute and manipulate
her skills to create an actual coffee pot is so amazing!  The lid comes off so you can
actually fit a pound of coffee inside!  How awesome is that!  She does all the hard work.
She invites you to be the artist by adding your color, your paper and embellishments!
A great addition to the pot is the Good Morning Coffee Mug.  Fill it with treats for a friend!
The adorable Vintage Oven Box can hold cookies or any treat you like.  Dress the oven up
in any vintage color or use themed colors for any holiday!  How cute is that!
Finally, take a look at the two cards, one, an adorable Apron Card and the other a Menu Card
with the feel of a chalkboard, featuring original, hand-drawn lettering.
Hmmm, I smell coffee!  Time to go!  Bye!


Hey, dude!  Surf's up!
Surf Shack SVG Kit
It's hot outside and what better way to spend your days than inside and craft!
Start with this adorable German Bus you can customize to fit your own style!
Any color, any pattern, any theme!  Are you a "Flower Child", maybe a
Hippy dude from long ago!  Bring back those memories!
The Vintage Soda Bottle is another great project with endless possibilities!
And don't forget about the Bottle Holder which can hold 4 bottles you just made!
Capture your summer events with the Making Waves Scrapbook Page!
Finally, the gatefold-style Surfboards Card is super rad, don't ya think!!!
Coordinate the card with the 3D projects and you have a wonderful gift!
Oh, and did I forget to mention, the bus and the bottle are boxes, too!  WOW!