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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Christmas Tree for my Kitchen!
I turned it into a 3D tree!  
The tree is planted in a mixing bowl made from the 3D acorn
Sugar cookies, kitchen utensils, and gingerbread men adorn this
Christmas tree that will sit on my kitchen counter!
All files, as always, are from http://svgcuts.com/
The file I used is tree_bottom.svg. 
 I cut 6 of these in white resized at W 8.26 x H 11.056
I cut 6 in green resized at W 8.415 x H 11.228
(the green pieces I just changed the style to Shadow [rounded] 1.50)
Start gluing the pieces together branches to branches, forming a circle. 
Only glue the branches.  Let completely dry before you continue on, or you
will mess up the next step.  Once  they are all dry and glued in a circle, you
have a tree!!!  To support the tree, I took an 8 x 11 piece of paper, rolled it
into a tight tube and placed into the center of my tree.  Once released, it springs
open and your tree will become very strong.  That is why you have to let
the branches dry before doing this step.  Now just play and decorate. 
I left the piece expand on top.  And curled my pieces, as you see on the top. 
You can put a shorter tube inside if you don't want it to show.
You do what you like.  This is just what I did.  Place the tree in your
bowl and secure however you like, I used aquarium rocks in a plastic
bag dumped around my tree, then placed in the bowl and glued down.
It weighs it down really well.  Place poly stuffing on top for snow, and that's it!
You can gently offset the center branches from the top and bottom branches
by bending.
The mixing bowl is acutally the 3D acorn from the
ACORN AUTUMN KIT.  I just added 2 extra panels to make it rounder. 
I resized one of the pieces you would use to make the bottom
part of the acorn at W 1.734 x H 3.733.  You glue together just as
you would the acorn, but do not worry about gluing the tip.  Once the
whole piece is glued together, the tips just lay there on each other
and you will cut a circle to fit the open on the bottom.  Then cut a length
of paper to go around the top for the lip of the bowl.  Glue 3 pieces together
for depth.  Bend these as you glue so they start holding a circular shape. 
I wrapped mine around a jar to dry.  If I have confused any newbies
 about this, watch Mary's video for the HIPPITY HOPPITY KIT here:
http://tinyurl.com/brqloxx    at svgcuts.com
When she is making the basket handle, she explains how to bend while gluing
several pieces together. My bowl was made with a heavy craft cardstock, then 
I inked the whole think with Tim Holtz Brick Red Ink. You can make it and use
 the extra panels to cover it,just like in the acorn, and give it some crazy designs,
but you will have to resize your own panels!
My ornaments are from
I just love the string of gingerbread men, the rolling pin,
and the wooden mixing spoon!  And the knife, fork, and
spoon are so detailed and so tiny, but cut out just perfect
on the Eclips!  And the sugar cookies are just too cute!
There are many others, you just don't see them!!!!
And my favorite of all, the cardinal bird chef!
Isn't he just adorable!!!! 
 The christmas topper is the snowflaker from
Thanks for dropping by!  Hope you enjoyed my project!
The tree, itself is 11 inches tall.  In the bowl surrounded by whatever you weigh it down with, it raised mine up to 12.5 inches tall without the topper.
Wooden spoon               W 2.000 x H 0.439
Spoon, fork, & knife      W 2.409 x H 1.24
Rolling pin                      W 2.500 x H 0.341
Gingerbread  garland is  W 7.250 x H 1.352 
All the other ornaments are on the average between 1.0 & 1.5 inches.  Just size down to your liking! 
I cut 2 pieces of white, just the base for layering in the middle then 2 sets of the colored pieces, one for each side, so they look the same no matter where you look at the tree.  
I hope these help.  If I missed anything, just let me know!!  Hugs to all, Debra


Deb said...

Love, love, love it! So, how tall would you say each of the little ornaments are, like the spoon, fork, rolling pin and wooden spoon? And the finished height? Wonderful project! Sooooo cute!

Brigit said...

This is just wonderful I totally love it, as soon as I get some time I'm making one, thanks Debra!!

About Me said...

Wow, Debra I love your darling Christmas Tree! What a great idea with all the cute ornaments and the adorable gingerbread garland. You amaze me girl with all your wonderful creations. Great job!


Debra said...

Thank you, ladies, for the kind comments! You guys are my inspiration!! Deb, I can't believe I forgot the measurements of the tree or some of the ornaments! They are there now if you want to take a peek!!! Hugs to you all and have a great Thanksgiving.