I love to collect and play with paper, especially making 3D items. I also love to collect fabric! I think I have a problem!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012


"The best of all gifts around any Christmas
tree: the presence of a happy family all
wrapped up in each other."~Burton Hillis
This kit is so wonderful!  The card on the right is just beautiful
and can be adapted to many occasions.  The luminary bag on the
right is fast and easy to make, and looks so pretty when put together.
The vase/pitcher holding the amaryllis is amazing.  Mary has created
the flowers to look so real, just gorgeous!  And last, the family tree
shadowbox, how pretty is this!  The whole kit is just a must have!
Look at all the beautiful gifts you can create for your family and friends!
Enjoy crafting as you listen to Christmas music!  Could it get any better!!
By for now!  Merry Christmas!

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