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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Ghostess with the Mostess" design challenge!

I love this ghost!!!
is having a
Fa-BOO-Lous Halloween Inspiration week!
Ghostess with the Mostess design challenge!
I was inspired to turned the svg into a plush ghost!  It's 19"tall and 14"wide
One of the sponsors helping out is Michelle from
who graciously donated the really cute freebie ghost svg! 
I enlarged the main body part full size to fit in my 12 x 12 mat and
the other pieces to match. I then used those pieces as a pattern and laid down
on double layers of plush white felt.   (You need two pieces of each pattern).   
Put a few pins to hold down the pattern, sew around the edge, leaving a small
opening for turning, then cut all around the edges leaving 1/8 inch.  Plush felt
will turn easy, so I did not have to clip any seams on the curves, but if you
make this and use a different type of material such as muslin, you will want to
leave a 1/4 inch seam allowance when you trim and you will have to clip
into the seams around the curves to get a nice clean edge.  Use fiberfil
to stuff and sew the opening closed.  I hot glued everything together, makes it
very sturdy.  You can sew it together, if you prefer.  Make sure you decorate the
head however you want before you stuff and close up.
I hand blanket stitched my eyes on.  The cheeks are made out of Homespun
fabric.  I used a disappearing ink marker and drew around the pattern circle
onto a square piece of Homespun.  I then stitched on top of that line. Use
a small stitch.  It's okay if it puffs up the fabric in the middle. You want that.
Cut any excess fabric down to about 1 inch all around the circle, then start
pulling the threads to fray.  Pull till you reach your stitched circle.  Eventually,
you will have four corners weaved together, just use a needle or pin to break these
apart and spread out.  Once you have every thread frayed, trim all around to 1/2"
from the circle.  Easy peasy!!!  Now it's going to be puffy in the middle from
sewing, that's what you want!  Attach to cheek with a running stitch on top of
sewing stitch.  Just before you get to end, stuff lightly!  And, there you
have it!  Puffy cheeks!  Who doesn't love puffy cheeks!!
Add your embellishments, a mouth, whatever you want!  My mouth is
actually a button covered with black velvet!  Yes, they still have covered
buttons!!!  Okay, I may be showing my age with my supplies on hand!!
The candy is made of paper, of course!  Those are wiggly eyes on the
yellow candy!!  And the ticket "Treats" is an svg from Party on Elm Street Kit
from, you guessed it, http://svgcuts.com/
Thanks for floating in!  Have a Boo-tee-ful Day!!!
A stuffed baby for my daughter!  Even though she's 21,
she still loves her stuffed babies!

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Just floating in~~~Oh Debra, that is soooo adorable! I love it! I want you as my neighbor!!! You are so talented!