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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


HAPPY 2013
"There’s no greater love than to love and be loved."
"LOVE" is the theme for the first kit of the year!
The VINTAGE-INSPIRED MAILBOX has a hinged lid and is perfect for collecting Valentines or giving as a special gift with goodies inside!  The HEART-SHAPED CANDY BOX has a see-through lid to show off candy or whatever you put inside!  How adorable are the two cards-the SWIRLY HEART CARD and the HOT AIR BALLOON CARD.  The LOLLIPOP GARDEN is made to hold nine lollipops, (has a piece of florist's dry foam inside)!  I can see the garden transformed to Easter or Wedding or the hot air balloon card for a baby card.  Use your imagination!  So many possibilities!
Don't forget to stop by and give Leo and Mary
some love for their awesomeness and take a look
at their new store!  So easy to shop!  It wasn't broke,
but somehow they made it better!!!
 They even added a wishlist!!!


My Valentine Garden for Meg


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