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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


How enchanting are fairies!  Let these mythical fairies take your creative mind off into a land of mystery and mystical magic!  This collection can decorate your page layout, dress up a card, or you can  make wonderful decorations for a birthday party.  You can even cut the pieces out of vinyl to decorate your childs bedroom walls!

Here is a magical ball I made using the circle frame.
I cut out 6, sized at 7 inches. 
Fold each circle in half.  (Fold in between two of the open circles in the inside that are side
 by side.  This will be where the pony beads go later).   Glue one half a circle to another half,
 lining up perfectly.
Then, glue the next half to another, and so on until you have all the pieces glued
  into a ball, and at the end glue the final two pieces together to fully finish the ball.
  It's so simple!!! (Leave just a tad space open to fish through a wire to hang the fairy)
I did not have to resize the fairy.  I cut two, one I flipped in Ecal.  This is so I could
  put the color for the wings in the middle and the fairy would look the same on both sides.
  When you glue the pieces back to back, don't forget to put a wire or whatever you
  will use to hang the fairy with in between the layers as you glue.
I added beads, you can add whatever or nothing.  You decide.  I think the beads keeps
  her stable.  After pulling her through the ball, add more beads, as much as you want.
I used a beading wire and strung the pony beads in between each circle piece (as you
 can see in the picture) on the inside, top and bottom.  This helps secure the paper ball
 to stay in a perfect position as a ball shape.
That's it!  Hope you like it!

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