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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Buttons For You, Dear Friend
A friend of mine moved away, and a great way to keep in touch is by writing letters! 
 Remember doing that!  No computers or texting for her! 
So, each month we make sure we keep in touch by sending each other a letter,
and we also exchange a sewing-related item which we decide what it should be in the letter the month beforehand and it must fit in the envelope!  Nothing fancy or expensive! 
A few months back it was six 6x6 inch squares of fabric.  We both like to quilt! 
This time we are sending 15 buttons.  I want green, she wants yellow and shanked! 
So, I decided to literally make her card with the buttons. 
What do you think?

I did sneak in a vintage diamond button because I know she will make a ring out of it!!

The mason jar is a freebie from Mary at SVGCUTS.
The card base and the rest is the collage card from the Poplar Street Tulips Kit.

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