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Saturday, July 14, 2012


The Christmas Cheer Kit is adorable.  I hope you all hop over to SVG CUTS and check out the new kit.  Mary has designed another great kit with 7 of the most awesome Christmas cards.  And not just cards!  The possiblities of other crafty ideas will come out, just wait and see!  I took the poinsettia wreath card and decided to turn it into a wreath for my sewing/craft room door.  I made it the full size of the 12x12 mat so it is huge!  It turned out awesome!  And it was so fast and easy to make.  This is definitely a must have kit. 
Here is the new kit and below is my wreath.  Enjoy and thanks for dropping by!

Here's my tree!  A tree for Aunt Betty
When I was a little girl back in the 60's, my Aunt Betty always put up a silver tree decorated with silver balls and silver garland!  And then, ready for this, she would sit that spinning light that changes colors in the floor and shine it on the tree! 
The lights always come multi-colored, but somehow she had all pink lights in her spinning light!
I remember sitting for hours on end just staring at that amazing tree!
And I can recall her church-going friends tell her she wasn't getting into heaven
because she was so extravagant with her tree! 
Well, let me tell you, she would let them have it! 
She always said she wasn't doing it for herself or the kids, but for baby Jesus!
If anyone knew my Aunt Betty, you would know she was the one person who put everyone first.
She didn't buy herself clothes or jewelry or fancy perfume.
Her home was clean, but nothing more than that.
But don't dare say anything about her "Pink" tree. 
She did it for Jesus.  She lived with love in her heart and a big heart she sure did have!

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