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Saturday, August 25, 2012


If I had it my way, it would be HALLOWEEN all year long!
has been born at SVGCUTS!
This is officially my favorite kit!
First, on the top you see the most adorable vintage-looking banner!
You have to go to the web site and watch the video because
it will just make you smile and giggle and you will want it, now!
The pumpkins in the Banner are layered
and so easy to put together!
Next, on the left is the Black Cat Head Bucket!  Again, layered
but so simple, he's adorable!  See his little friend, the moon face,
poking out of him!  So cute!
Just behind him is Jaunty Jack Wall Hanger!  He's too cute!
See the tall piece with the flying witch, that's a lantern!  Beautiful!
And Next is a Candy Dish which actually cuts in a one piece base!
Fast and easy!!!!
And, of course, Mary always has a card!  Look at the card on the right,
the Flying Witch is perfect for any age!
The whole kit is so vintage.  Mary definitely captured every
characteristic of Halloween vintage classics!
Here's my banner, doubled, with Jack in the middle!
Here's a closeup of a few banners, so cute!
My bucket and candy dish!  Don't look at my moon!  OOPS!
I glued it together wrong, made a new one, and darned if I
didn't go and put the bow on the wrong one and take the pic!
Oh well, I bet it's a one of a kind!!! LOL

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