I love to collect and play with paper, especially making 3D items. I also love to collect fabric! I think I have a problem!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Great kit, perfect for those Summer Birthdays and for Father's Day!
Check out the 3D Vintage Trailer sitting on top of the box, how adorable and so real looking!
The unique-shaped Campfire Box with the roasting marshmallow is nothing like you've ever
seen before!  Perfect for small treats inside!
And who doesn't love S'mores!  The S'more's Box is adorable!  Look at the toasty
marshmallow in between the layers of chocolate and graham crackers!  Yummy!
And last, the kit includes two coordinating cards, one a cute lantern with a sweet firefly,
and the other is a beautiful nature scene with a "flat" version of the Vintage Trailer!
Great projects your family and friends will sure to say "WOW"!
Now, I'm going to go roast me some marshmallows!
Bye for now!

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