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Sunday, May 19, 2013


"be inspired"
What could be better than travel-inspired paper projects!
Celebrate the summer events starting with the Men's Shirt Card!
Dress it as a classic Hawaiian shirt or more conservative for Dad for Father's Day.
You can even make one for Mom!!
The Suitcase has tons of possibilities!  Just go crazy with it!
You can make a briefcase for Dad!
Same for the Train Case!  How cute are those latches, right!!
The Boat Shoe is super adorable and even has laces!  It's considered
the well-dressed man's flip flop!  Where flip flops aren't allowed,
Boat Shoes are!  And they are for women, too!
And last, but definitely not least, look at that fabulous Flamingo Card!
How precious are those two birds!  Give the background any theme
you like and a beautiful sentiment and the recipient of the card will
go crazy over this pair!
FYI:  Just a little fun tidbit here: 
If you are making the shirt and in a hurry and forget which side
the buttons go on, just remember one simple rule:
And this is for you ladies (and gentlemen), you know it's true, so
don't deny, just reply and say "I agree"!  lol
Women are always right!
Yep, that's it!
Women are always right!
Get it!
So, the buttons will be on the right side when the shirt is buttoned up!
(This is for a ladies shirt, of course!)


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