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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


What a fun project this was to make.  The castle goes together rather quickly and is so easy to put together.  Besides using the castle from the WET N WILD KIT, I also used the seashell and the seaweed.  I used the seaweed at different sizes.  The tree with the fence and the ghosts are from the HAUNTED HEMLOCK CARDS KIT.  The bat and the eyes in the seashell comes from the ELMHURST HOLLOW KIT.  The crows are from HARVEST HILL COLLECTION. 
If you like my moon I used in the back ground, let me tell you what I did.  It's so simple!  First cut a white circle the size you want your moon to be.  Mine is 6 1/2" in diameter.  I took my black ink and sponged on the moon leaving dark areas, as you see here.  Then I took a light brown and edged all around and sponged lightly on some of the white area, not all of it.  It's hard to see in the picture, but it does make a difference when you see it yourself.  Then, I cut another circle, same size, out of vellum.  I used a white, swiss polka dot, for a little character, and layered it on top, gluing down only the outer edge, and that is it!!!  You have a moon!  It looks really cool!  I hope you try making one!

That's it!!
Have fun!  Design your own castle!  And don't forget the moon!!!
An autumn castle would look great, or a christmas  castle!
Thanks for stopping by.  See you soon!

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